Every parent or guardian of a Ravenswood student is considered a member of Friends of Ravenswood School (FORS). Those interested are invited to participate in FORS meetings, make suggestions, ask questions or volunteer for our events in any capacity. Neighborhood members outside of the parent community are also welcome.

The FORS Board listed below is made up of elected FORS members who ensure that the organization and its activities are run smoothly, ethically and in a financially responsible manner. 

Anyone interested in being a part of the FORS Board should email forsboard@ravenswoodelementary.org

Our 2018-2019 FORS Board Members

Marta Hardacre - Co-President

Marta has three children at Ravenswood and has been a part of FORS since her firstborn started kindergarten in 2013. She has been a FORS Board member since 2014 and has served as co-president since 2017.

Marta’s favorite event that FORS puts on is the Spring Forward Benefit, which she has co-chaired since 2015.

She says she has never experienced a stronger, more committed community than she has at Ravenswood.

Mary Mesch - Co-President

Mary’s oldest child started kindergarten at Ravenswood in 2014 and her youngest is in first grade this year. Mary joined FORS as a Room Parent in Kindergarten and became Room Parent Coordinator the following year. In 2016, she joined the FORS board and became Co-President the following year in 2017. Mary truly enjoys volunteering with FORS and feels energized when working to help the school. Her favorite Ravenswood event is the RamPage Dodgeball tournament, which her husband organizes. She feels it sums up the lovely, creative, silly, up to challenge, family-friendly, scrappy community that makes Ravenswood such a unique place.

Anna Ceraso - Treasurer

Anna has one son at Ravenswood, Class of 2023, and began volunteering with FORS at a craft night for Spring Forward 2015. She joined the board as Treasurer in June of 2016 and also heads up the auction item collection for the Spring Forward Benefit.

Anna’s favorite FORS event at Ravenswood is the Rampage Dodgeball Tournament. Ever the optimist, she looks forward to the day a parent team will finally win it all!

Erin Szott - Secretary

Erin has been part of FORS since 2014 when her twins started kindergarten at Ravenswood. She joined the FORS board in 2016 and in 2018 took on the role of Secretary. She loves the caring, creative, supportive, strong community that the school has. Her favorite event at Ravenswood is the Spring Forward Benefit.

Veronica Ramirez

Veronica Ramirez has four children — all of whom have attended, or are still attending, Ravenswood over the past 15 years. Her four children are the 2nd generation to go to Ravenswood School!

Veronica has been on the FORS board for the past 2 years. She believes that the changes from one generation to the next at Ravenswood school have benefited the whole community, and loves helping drive that change.

Stephanie Mandrell

Stephanie Mandrell is the mother of 4th grader Jackson and kindergartner Ruby at Ravenswood. She has been a part of FORS since 2015 when her oldest was offered a spot through the CPS Lottery System. She became a Board Member in 2017 and helps lead the school tours, which is by far her favorite day of the month. On a weekly basis, she is responsible for Ravenswood's Facebook page and is in charge of selling Spiritwear, both online and at school events. There are so many things she loves about Ravenswood, but what stands out the most is the overall sense of inclusion and community amongst teachers, families and staff. She loves being a part of something everyone believes in and feels the day her son was offered a spot was one of the luckiest days of their life.

Karin Kane

Karin has two children at Ravenswood. She became an active member of FORS in 2017, helping with Instagram and Twitter, Sponsorships, and the Spring Forward. Karin joined the board in June 2018, and remains on point for Sponsorships and the FORS website. She tries very hard not to go completely fangirl after the Spring Forward performances, even though they are absolutely amazing!

Karin loves the strong, inclusive community around the school, and is constantly inspired by all of the amazing people and things going on at Ravenswood.

Colleen Girard

Colleen has two sons at Ravenswood and has been a part of FORS since her oldest son started Kindergarten in 2014. She is so excited to be starting her first year on the FORS board and looks forward to participating in the annual Rampage and Spring Forward events every year.

Colleen is also a Kindergarten teacher for CPS and continues to be inspired by the dedicated teachers and staff at Ravenswood.

Jeff Brust

Jeff has been a member of FORS since returning from Portland, Oregon in 2016 and began serving on the board starting this school year, 2018. He has one daughter at Ravenswood, a spunky, kind fourth grader. This school community is a amazing village, with each day bringing the chance to be introduced to new family members with wonderfully diverse and unique perspectives.

He plans to see you across Dodgeball court, if not sooner :)