Our Impact

FORS strives to make an impact in three areas: community, communications, and fundraising for Ravenswood School.

Our Communications impact for the 2017-2018 school year included:

  • Sharing news, updates, and information with over 1,000 parents and community members on a weekly basis through our email newsletter

  • Actively posting to, and engaging with, 850+ Facebook followers and 550+ Twitter followers

  • Establishing an Instagram account to share visual updates and engage in a new way. The account now has 350+ followers.

  • Sending home 555 printed calendars every month, in English and Spanish, to ensure students and families were always aware of the latest news and activities.

Our Community impact for the 2017-2018 school year included:

Our Fundraising events grossed over $140,000 in 2017-2018. With the direction and approval of the LSC and school administration, that money was used in a variety of ways:

  • Supporting salaries for our essentials teachers. CPS provides funding on a per-student basis, and requires a number of student hours in essential subjects beyond the classroom - but the funding isn’t alway sufficient to support those hours. FORS funds filled in the gap.

  • Supporting the 8th grade class trip. For many of our 8th graders, the annual class trip to Washington, DC is the first time they’ve ever left Chicago. FORS supplemented fundraising done by the 8th graders, to ensure that transportation, room & board, and all event & museum tickets were fully funded for each attending student.

  • Improving our cafeteria / gym / auditorium. Our giant multi-purpose room received funds from FORS, and through the Auction for Education held during the Spring Forward benefit, for many improvements. These included giant fans to provide a more comfortable learning and lunchroom environment; sound improvements to support our auditorium and physical education classes; structural supports; baffling along the walls and under the stage to ensure student safety; and basketball hoops and backguards to provide a fun, physically active environment. Funds from the previous year went towards a climbing wall along one side of the gym. The climbing wall helps students build confidence and athletic ability.

  • Campus & community improvements. These include benches around the trees on Paulina St, so that caretakers can relax before drop-off and pick-up; mosaic materials, to complete our beautiful, community facing mosaic at Montrose & Paulina; and a variety of paint & cleanup supplies for school beautification & landscaping.

  • Performing arts support. This included a new dance room floor, performance stairs for our drama room, musical sets & scripts, costumes for our school musical & showcases, and instructional materials for our dance & drama classes. We also supported Old Town School of Folk Music instruction and arts education for our students.