Sponsorship Guidelines


Please consider our community when you create your flyers. You can find more information on current student population on the CPS school website.


Please ensure all flyers and ads are targeted towards adults rather than students. Please do not mention any students by name. Please don’t use any photos or images of students unless you have written approval to do so. Please do feel free to support Ravenswood students generally in your ads and flyers - messaging like “Congratulations to all Students” is always welcome.


Please do not include specific product information in your ads or flyers. Hyperlinks must point to your business website rather than a specific product page.


You are welcome to promote your business at any fundraisers you attend (the Spring Forward, Dodgeball, etc). However, we ask that you refrain from promoting your business or actively selling products at our community-focused events (parent Nights Out, the Back to School BBQ, etc). Thank you for your understanding!